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12 - Apr
(Nearby Event: Family)
Where:Crossroads, 78 North Ave, Garwood, New Jersey, United States, 07027
quot; was downloaded 647,000 times in its first week of release in a promotion with BitTorrent Bundle. Even more remarkable (and revolutionary), the forward-thinking band were able to crowdfund an entire 30 date US tour, a first in the ever changing music industry. The tour came to an end at The Hotel Cafe in November of that year to a packed house and rave reviews. The future was wide open, and Halo Circus were playing ball in this new landscape where whole tours could now be booked solely with the backing of a committed fanbase. Then predictably, a wrench in the works. Before embarking on their second US tour to support their East Lansing Sessions EP in 2017, last minute complications forced Iraheta and Hager to hit the road as a duo for the first time. Not wanting to play to tracks that included live instruments, Iraheta and Hager started work on an electronic sound that was part Halo Circus, part something else entirely. After performing a stunning version of the track Band Aid (written with the great Paul Williams) as a duo on Sirius XM FEEDBACK (Ch. 106), followed by an incredible response at the Brighton Music Hall show in Boston, Iraheta and Hager began to feel comfortable with their new live aesthetic. By the time the tour hit Texas, the sound had been sharpened and the duo were now playing to packed houses and fans that were more than receptive to the new sounds. At the completion of the tour, and with the bands new live set up in mind, Iraheta and Hager began conceptualizing the sound of the new record, a record that would be made as a duo and visit places they had never been musically. The duo drove back to Los Angeles full of excitement and ideas and would spend the next four months writing and recording the new record. What resulted is Robots and Wranglers, a concept album that sees the duo at the top of their game, seemingly right at home making a stylistic electronic record that feels like it was always there, right in the duos creative wheelhouse. G
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